COVID-19 and the African continent

You need every tool at your disposal to beat the odds.

The challenge

COVID-19 in Africa presents a unique challenge. Access to basic and critical healthcare continues to lag across the continent, especially in remote and underdeveloped regions.

When healthcare workers in Africa are faced with a super spreading threat like the coronavirus, they need every tool at their disposal to beat the odds.

With 1 billion doses of the vaccine having been secured for the continent, the next challenge is getting it to those who need it most: high-risk patients and frontline workers.

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Vantage Health Technologies and COVID-19

That’s why we are using Vantage, our cloud-based data-gathering and analysis solution, to assist in the rollout of the COVID-19 vaccine in Africa.

As a healthcare solution provider that works across three continents, Vantage harnesses health technology and innovation to enable human action.

From identifying high-risk populations, adverse event reporting, stock visualisation, community outreach, surveillance mapping to management of the healthcare workforce, Vantage enables better outcomes by providing the right information to the right people at the right time that recommend the right actions.

Our work in Africa

While COVID-19 is the latest challenge to face the continent, our solutions have long assisted healthcare professionals in managing clinics, patients, medicine stocks, and more.

We’ve helped transform the fight against HIV-AIDS and TB in South Africa, working to manage caseloads, identify patients at risk of stopping their ARVS, identify gaps in treatment and improve testing and the prescription of life-enhancing drugs.

Funded by USAID and PEPFAR, BroadReach has helped to manage the health of 2,5 million HIV patients in South Africa, for example.

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