//Partner Onboarding Requirements & Checklist_

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Logo, Product title & description Heading & product description and a small logo for the marketplace. (300x152) px in PNG format. (Logo needs to be hosted, please upload and supply the logo url if possible).
Options/ Solutions for the marketplace. E.g. Basic; standard; premium version. Include: • Pricing (Recurring and setup or once-off). • Billing term (monthly/annually). • Commitment period (Can they cancel or reduce). • Cancellation policy. • SKUs (if applicable). • Description and features of each option.
What information do you need from the customer to setup or provision the solution? (please supply us with the form fields required to configure the form).
Once you have provisioned the solution and approved the order on CloudConnect, a “Fulfillment template” will be displayed inside the marketplace. You can design your own and send it through (500x200) px in PNG format. All images need to be uploaded and hosted on your web server – we will need the URL please). We can also add links do documentation and videos
Please provide a list of users (email addresses) that need access to CloudConnect and that need to receive a notification when an order has been placed.
Support contact details (If the partner/ customer has a problem with the solution, who should our support team reach out to?).

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