Shaping the future
of tomorrow...together

Innovating and challenging the status-quo is something we feel strongly about. Let us help you change the world.

If you are a catalyst for change...

The world is changing and as a tech start-up you are a catalyst for this change. Tarsus On Demand supports and encourages innovative tech start-ups which have developed solutions focusing on creating a positive change in Africa.

A fundamental key to success when starting a business is forming the right partnerships, we understand this and have created our program to assist in you building your business. 

Join a start-up program that will offer you access to like-minded challengers and innovators on a global scale, thanks to our affiliation and partnerships with Microsoft.

We support you through every stage of your business life cycle by giving you access to tools and mentorship on demand.

From go-to-market assistance in getting your solution recognised, to marketing assistance and building your brand reputation, we work with you to achieve product-market fit with a world-class marketing team, ensuring your software gets noticed.

Technical support through experts with years of experience in building and creating the perfect environment to help you flourish. Or even through Business optimisation, we are here to help you scale.

Other companies that are shaping the future

And who exactly are we?

Tarsus on Demand is the cloud division of the Tarsus Technology group. As a Microsoft CSP indirect provider we work with start-up's to unlock true business value through embracing new and evolving technology. We pride ourselves on our ability to assist start-ups from the ground up. Whether it’s glancing over a business plan, giving guidance on strategies or optimising your cloud business model, we have experts available to assist with any task. Our methods have been proven time again, and we are looking for the next great start-up to offer our expertise to.

What we offer, to help you shape the future


A simple appointment set up to
help us understand your current environment.


Our technical wizards will help
you shape the future of your
business by getting you


Through our tried-and-tested
methodology we help migrate
you into your future cloud.


Running lean is good for
your business process. We help
you optimise for cost reduction
and scale.

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