A strong security posture is critical.

In just minutes, a breach can damage customer trust for a lifetime

With data growing increasingly more valuable and harder to protect, digital security has become infinitely complex.  Did you know that 4.2B records were stolen by hackers in 2016? And during a cyberattack, 20% of organizations lose customers and 30% of organizations lose revenue? In just minutes a breach can damage customer trust for a lifetime, so a strong security posture is essential for your business.

$8 Trillion cost of cybercrime to the global economy by 2022.


Work securely from anywhere, anytime, across all your devices

Digital technology is changing how people work. Your employees expect to have access to everything they need to be productive on a variety of devices, both company-provided and employee-owned (BYOD) devices. You must be able to enable secure collaboration and safeguard corporate data. The vital foundation to your in-depth security strategy is strong, integrated identity protection.

So how can I make sure my employees are working securely when they are working remotely?

8 tips for focusing your compliance strategy

Compliance officers need to be aware of individual accountability too. In fact, 54% of compliance professionals expect personal liability to increase in the next 12 months.

If you’re a regulated individual, the following eight tips are a good place to start honing your compliance strategy – to protect yourself and your organisation. New technologies and techniques can help you manage even the most complex compliance concerns. You can also add capabilities over time as your compliance strategy evolves and matures.

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