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Are you having difficulties with your Azure workloads? Need some friendly (and free!) assistance? Leverage our Azure expertise.

Tarsus On Demand can help when it comes to any and all Azure workloads! No matter if you are setting up a virtual machine or migrating your on-premises IT resources into the cloud, our team of experts can work with you to solve your cloud workload challenges!


We know Microsoft’s Azure cloud platform inside and out, and there are no problems we can’t solve with our collective knowledge and skills.

Through our countrywide partner network, we’re able to match you with the most capable partner in your area to help you with any Azure challenges you might face.


Azure offers a great many capabilities, called workloads. These are seven of the most common ones.

Creating Backup Solutions

The core concept behind backups is making copies of business data and storing it somewhere safe, ensuring that it will never be lost. There is nowhere safer than Azure thanks to the fact that your data is securely stored on Azure datacentres located around the world.

Only if every single one of Microsoft’s 200+ datacentres are completely obliterated will your data ever be truly lost. And that’s not likely to happen.

Setting up Virtual Machines

Virtual Machines, or VMs, are virtual computers and servers that are built on datacentre hardware. They behave and perform exactly like the computers and servers physically located inside your business - they just live inside Azure and are accessed over the internet.

Instead of paying for physical computer hardware and for someone to look after them, in Azure you pay only for what you use. This drops your overheads and reduces maintenance costs while giving you access to the computing power your business needs.

Deploying SQL in the cloud/as a Service

SQL as a Service replaces the need to build your own servers and install SQL on them by providing all SQL-related services you need directly from Azure.

SQL delivered like this can automatically scale the underlying hardware as the workload grows - and you don’t need to do anything. This means your cloud-based SQL performance will never drop as your databases grow.

Site Recovery/Disaster Recovery

This technology creates virtual copies of your site infrastructure (servers, network nodes, virtual machines, hosted applications etc.) in the cloud. This ensures business-critical IT functions can be quickly brought back online after a disruptive event like a fire, a power outage, or a cyber-attack.

In this way, business continuity is maintained even under the worst circumstances.

Setting up Application Hosting

Hosting applications in the cloud means using cloud resources to make business applications accessible over the internet to anyone with a connection and a browser.

Examples of cloud-hosted applications include WordPress,, PaySpace, Sage Business Cloud Accounting, and many other popular software services.

Configuring Data Warehousing/Storage

This can be simply storing your files in the cloud (Storage) for easy access from anywhere, or collecting data from several sources and storing it in a central location for analysis and reporting (Data Warehousing).

Data warehousing is useful when it comes to applying advanced analytics to business data through services like Microsoft Power BI. This helps businesses to create interactive reports and dashboards that visualise business processes. These can provide actionable insights that drive business results.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Some workloads can be automated with artificial intelligence and machine learning. In the Microsoft Azure context, this means making use of Azure Cognitive Services.

The Tarsus On Demand team is fully equipped to help you with any AI and ML workloads you might be struggling with through our partner network.


Let us know what you need help with by filling in this form. Once we have your details, someone will contact you to pair you/your business up with the perfect partner and set up your support session.

We know Microsoft’s Azure cloud platform inside and out, and there are no problems we can’t solve with our collective knowledge and skills.

If you’re not sure about registering for a workshop, feel free to request a call back and we’ll talk through your concerns.

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