/What is Microsoft Teams Platform?_

Microsoft Teams Platform is an integrated workplace solution, fueling organic interactions, fostering a culture of collaboration, and enhancing your organization's productivity.

On the Microsoft Teams platform, you can stretch far beyond chat, meeting, and calling. Leverage readymade apps, take advantage of low code tools, and develop custom solutions, making Teams the central tool for productivity from the start of the day to the finish.

It's not just a meeting space, but "the work app" and hub for everything your team does.

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Collaborate in real-time, regardless of where you are. 

Chat, video conference, call, share and store documents in the cloud and work together using the Microsoft Teams platform.


Host audio, video, and web conferences from anywhere, with anyone as long as they have an email address. Schedule meetings in advance, use meeting note taking features, share your screen and even record your meetings.
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Avoid overloaded inboxes and waiting for email replies - send instant messages in the Teams platform. Share images, GIFs, stickers and even memes if you want. It’s the virtual equivalent of office banter that brings the team together.
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Teams can access their files and collaborate from anywhere, to work on projects in real-time from any device.
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Use the apps your company loves in Teams to personalise your virtual office environment. Using the Developer Toolkit you can also develop custom apps for your organisation or the public.
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