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The cold “miscommunication” war between suits and creatives

Some creative professionals have vowed not to go back to the “A” word (cue in dramatic score-AGENCY!!!), and it is mostly because of the lack of collaboration and proper workflow management. I mean, I get where they’re coming from. Imagine having to deal with a client that sends screenshots of a transfer link only for you to type it all out in order to access the files hai hai hai! Can you relate?

Find out more on how you can put an end to the cold war between Suits and Creatives.

Experience in-cloud workflow capabilities

Integrate all department files on the cloud so that you can access them anytime. Now there’s no need to interrupt your creatives if they happen to be in a coma. Let them be off sick in peace. Cloud collaboration enables your team to work together across all documents. They can share, edit and work together simultaneously on projects. A team member will start or create the file and then share it with their teammates as a link to give them access and contribute to the file in real-time.

Cross-platform integration like never before

With Microsoft 365 brought to you by Tarsus On Demand, Asanda would have just accessed her Sharepoint drive to send the file to Kyle, even if she hadn’t saved it on her phone. No need to turn back, no need to open your work machine, and no need for the inconvenience. The multi-device workplace is revolutionising how we work in agencies, it calls for a more flexible and more connected workplace that thrives on collaboration from different locations. Synchronise apps and devices on one platform and improve the efficiency and productivity of your workplace.

Leverage remote team efficiency
The struggles are real, and this problem is very much layered. Katrien’s lack of email etiquette wouldn’t have been avoided if she set up the Teams direct messaging app on all her devices. She would have been more accessible, jumped on a quick call, or set up a meeting on any of her devices. Pam could have also accessed the brief on the cloud and made comments to queries and concerns on the brief. They could have collaborated in real time, implementing a plan of action that works for them both.

Experience the true power of the Modern Workplace and unrelate to agency woes.

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