Boosting efficiency for Supply Chain and Manufacturing

On April 21st, Tarsus On Demand together with Microsoft and three hand-picked ISV partners will host a webinar that’s dedicated to helping businesses in the Manufacturing and Supply Chain industries to boost their efficiency.

The line-up includes a keynote address by Ahmad Al Dandachi, Industry Lead – Energy & Manufacturing, Middle East and Africa at Microsoft, and speakers from three local ISVs who will share details of the innovative software solutions they have built for these industries that are hosted in Microsoft Azure.

The webinar is scheduled for Wednesday, the 21st of April, 2021.


Chantelle Ashman - Tarsus On Demand

Chantelle is the ISV Sales Manager at Tarsus On Demandand looks after the company’s extensive portfolio of Independent Software Vendors. Chantelle has a passion for driving technology solutions into various verticals through the offerings in her portfolio with the aim of increasing efficiencies & productivity within organisations.

Anton Herbst, CEO of Tarsus On Demand & Tarsus Technology Group

Anton has served in various roles in the Tarsus Technology Group since 2013, including eight years as TTG’s Group Strategy Director and three as the Chief Marketing Officer. Anton is accomplished in strategy, critical and long-term thinking, business model development, supply chain and inventory management, as well as marketing and cloud computing. He is currently the CEO of both TTG and Tarsus On Demand, and he brings with him more than 20 years of experience in the South African ICT sector that encompasses information technology, supply chains, cloud services, and distribution.

Eric Kingwell, MD of Finstock

Eric is the Managing Director of Finstock (Pty) Ltd. He brings with him more than 25 years of experience in various executive roles within multinational companies both in South Africa and abroad. He is deeply knowledgeable and passionate about supply chains and their associated technologies. In his career, Eric has created supply chain platforms within the manufacturing and retail sectors that have introduced many welcome efficiencies into complex logistics systems.

Juan Kotzee, MD and founder of Drivatic

Juan is the founder and Managing Director of Drivatic, with a long history in the financial world. Working in the data analytics trenches for years, he realised that many companies were wasting a lot of time and resources on reports that didn’t really give the insights companies were looking for. Juan then started Drivatic with the aim of empowering organisations to do more with their data. He was not only interested in helping them reduce reporting time, but also to give them more accurate, actionable insights that could be used to make better data driven decisions, such as inventory management & planning.

Jan Naude

Jan Naude, MD and owner of AutoSHEQ

Jan is the owner and Managing Director of AutoSHEQ Solutions (Pty) Ltd. Passionate about software development since the early 90s, Jan has been involved in ICT in some capacity since 1986. As a quality management system auditor, consultant, and trainer early on in his career, Jan saw the need to develop a solution to help companies manage their paper-based processes, such as compliance standards & quality management, with the aim of improving productivity within organisations.

Ahmad Al Dandachi, Microsoft Industry Specialist

Ahmad has been with Microsoft for the last 16 years & has extensive experience in the Energy & Manufacturing sectors, for which he is currently the Industry Lead. He empowers organisations through technology to drive efficiency, scale & productivity, so they can focus on their business & do what they do best.


Finstock’s supply chain management software has been designed to streamline supply chains, allowing the fulfilment of Finstock’s customers’ customers’ needs more accurately and faster than ever.

The company offers consultancy, software, and managed services that help organisations optimise inventory, accurately forecast demand, and perform timely product replenishment.

Successful implementations have seen up to an 18% reduction in inventory levels, and 40% less inventory obsolescence.

Modern businesses generate a lot of data, and the key to improving operations is the accurate gathering and interpretation of that data and using it to make better decisions.

Drivatic offers “Data Analytics as a Service” through their Drivatic platform to do this.

The solution is built on top of Microsoft’s excellent Power BI technology, and does the hard work of collecting data, getting it where it needs to go, and analysing it for actionable insights on your behalf.

AutoSHEQ is all about automating Safety, Health, Environmental and Quality Management Systems inside businesses.

The company takes time-intensive paper-based processes and converts them into cost-effective web-based ones so that customers can do what they need to do, faster than ever.

Hosted entirely in the cloud, AutoSHEQ scales when needed, is available 99.9% of the time and frees organisations from backup and hardware breakdown concerns.


The webinar will be hosted on Microsoft Teams, and take place between 10:00 and 12:00 on Wednesday the 21st of April, 2021.

Registration is completely free and open to all interested parties; to attend, simply register by filling out this form:


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We specialise in Microsoft’s Azure cloud and can provide your business with any cloud-based capability Microsoft offers, from Microsoft 365 licensing all the way to application services and virtual infrastructure.

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Not free to attend the webinar on the day? If you register for it anyway, we will publish a video of the event and send it to you once the event has wrapped up. 

No matter which you choose, you’re welcome to download the solution overview in the meantime to learn more:

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