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Microsoft 365 Business Basic, Standard, and Premium all include antiphishing, antispam, and antimalware protection to protect your email online. Microsoft 365 Business Premium includes even more security capabilities, such as advanced cybersecurity protection for:

All your Devices

More businesses are allowing employees to use their own devices, either exclusively or as part of a hybrid device strategy. Microsoft 365 helps you protect your data regardless of who owns the device.

Collaboration content

Tools like Outlook and Teams are indispensable but also come with new avenues for cyber criminals exploit. Microsoft 365 comes with tools to ensure your data remains safe, without impacting productivity.

Business Data

The data is where the gold lies in any organisation. That's where Microsoft 365 comes in with tools and features that allow you to set file acccess based on user role, label files with different sensitivity labels and even receive warnings when there's a risk of sensitive data being leaked.

Top 10 ways to secure your business data

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THE COST OF HAVING YOUR business data stolen VS Microsoft 365


If a competitor gains access to your financial data, contacts list or accounting records, the repercussions are nothing short of catastrophic.


If a competitor of malicious actor becomes able to impersonate you to your clients, the havoc wreaked would be hard to recover from.


Security is about more than keeping your sensitive business data protected. Losing your clients’ personal data comes with hefty fines and penalties.


Microsoft 365 has been built with security in mind and the host of features available with each version provides an appropriate level of protection. By making use of Microsoft 365 Business Premium you can begin catering for a wider range of threats, manage file and feature access at a user level and set policies that keep your security posture in check.


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Top 10 ways to secure your business data

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