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Microsoft 365 Business Basic, Standard and Premium incude anti-phising, anti-spam and anti-malware protection to keep you safe online.

Microsoft 365 Business Premium however includes a host more protection feature. Get our handy best-practises guide for free and learn about:

Top 10 ways to secure your business data

Use multi-factor authentication

PROTECT Admin accountrs

Use Security policies

Protect all devices

use email securely

work together in Microsoft teams

set file sharing settings

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manage calendar sharing

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  • Different tools for email, document storage, and collaboration can be time-consuming and inefficient.
  • Managing and switching between different tools can cause loss of productivity.
  • Lack of unified platform hinders effective communication and collaboration.
  • Vulnerability to phishing and ransomware attacks poses a significant security risk.
  • IT department constantly dealing with cyber threats instead of strategic projects impacts productivity.
  • There is always a need for enhanced security measures to protect sensitive data and mitigate risks.


A medium-sized manufacturing firm experienced a significant productivity boost when they adopted Microsoft 365. They were previously using different systems for email, document storage, and collaboration. With Microsoft 365, they unified all these aspects into one platform, which significantly reduced time spent on managing and switching between different tools. The built-in security features, such as Advanced Threat Protection, provided robust security against phishing and ransomware attacks. This enhanced security allowed their IT department to focus on strategic projects instead of constantly firefighting cyber threats, thereby improving overall productivity.


A small marketing agency used Microsoft Teams for seamless collaboration and communication within their team and with clients. The secure nature of Teams, with features like data loss prevention and information barriers, ensured their client data and discussions remained confidential. This not only improved their productivity by enabling efficient collaboration but also built trust with their clients due to their robust data security measures.

Marketing Agencies

  • Lack of seamless collaboration and communication tools hinders productivity in the marketing agency.
  • Inefficient communication with team members and clients impacts workflow.
  • Lack of secure platform for client data and discussions poses a confidentiality risk.
  • Difficulty in maintaining trust with clients due to potential data breaches or leaks.
  • Absence of data loss prevention measures could lead to potential losses.
  • Need for robust security measures to ensure client data confidentiality and build client trust.

Travel Agencies

  • Sudden shift to remote operations due to the pandemic poses challenges for the travel agencies.
  • Lack of secure remote access to company resources impacts productivity.
  • Potential vulnerabilities in accessing sensitive data remotely requires a secure solution.
  • Need for a reliable and robust remote work environment for the staff.
  • Ensuring secure connections and authentications for remote access is crucial.
  • Maintaining productivity despite challenging and uncertain conditions can be difficult.
  • Dependence on secure VPN connections and multifactor authentication for remote operations.


A travel agency used Microsoft 365’s security tools to enable secure remote operations. The sudden remote change due to the pandemic had required a secure solution for their team to access company resources remotely. Using Microsoft 365 features such as multifactor authentication and secure VPN connections, they were able to provide a secure remote work environment. This has resulted in continuous productivity and productivity of the staff despite challenging conditions.


A retail company improved its productivity by implementing Microsoft 365 Advanced Threat Protection for cyber threat detection and prevention. This freed up their IT team’s time, allowing them to focus on the strategies that were driving business growth. The company also used Microsoft 365’s compliance solution to automate data governance and compliance, significantly reducing the time and effort required to prepare for an audit.

Retail companies

  • IT team’s time and resources are often consumed in fighting and mitigating cyber threats.
  • Manual data governance and compliance processes can be time-consuming and labour-intensive.
  • Difficulty in preparing for audits due to manual data preparation and compliance efforts.
  • Lack of automated compliance processes results in increased risk and potential non-compliance issues.
  • Desire to allocate more time and resources to business growth strategies.

Logistics companies

  • Manual shipment tracking and inventory management processes are often prone to errors and inefficiencies.
  • Lack of streamlined processes impacts operational efficiency.
  • Time-consuming manual tasks delays response times and customer service.
  • Need for a more efficient and accurate shipment tracking system.
  • Inadequate data protection and compliance measures poses a risk to sensitive customer data.
  • Lack of customer confidence in data security and compliance could impact customer satisfaction.
  • Desire to increase customer satisfaction and maintain a competitive advantage in the logistics industry.
  • Requirement for integrated security capabilities to protect sensitive data and maintain compliance.


A logistics company used Microsoft 365 Power Apps and Power Automate tools to streamline its shipment tracking and inventory management. Using these tools, the company experienced significant improvements in operational efficiency, reducing manual errors and response times, while Microsoft 365’s integrated security capabilities ensured that data was protected and compliant, protected sensitive customer data and maintained confidence in their services, which increased overall customer satisfaction and competitive advantage.


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